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Imagine using the vital power of plant and flower essences to heal the body! Most people think aromatherapy is just something that smells pretty. They don’t often realize the many physical and therapeutic benefits. Aromatherapy means healing thru scent, it’s an ancient art of healing used since beginning of time. Essential oils were used by prophets, kings, priests, emperors and pharaohs from different cultures and times, to promote health, beauty, youthfulness and protection. They were given to Christ and there are more than 500 references of them throughout the Bible. Modern science continues to rediscover the healing power of essential oils, and we want to share this information with you!!!

I rediscovered the Amazing World of Aromatherapy, myself, 11 years ago. I have a B.A. in Slavic Languages and still do some occasional work in that field, but when I was suddenly introduced to and experienced these lovely aromas and their powerful benefits – my life took an unexpected turn !... I LOVE the fact that essential oils can support us and help us on EVERY level: the physical, emotional, spiritual and mental. I have been reading, learning, sharing and teaching what I have learned and it has been truly a Great and Fulfilling experience!!!

Look thru the following information, let me know if you would like a Consultation/Raindrop Technique session or come to a class, or if you would be so kind to leave your e-mail address - I can send you a Newsletter, packed with a variety of information on how/what oils to use for what, current research, Healthy, yummy recipes, pet care tips, etc.

Thanks again for researching my web – and Welcome to the Wonderful World of
Aromas!!! Enjoy!

Ilka Handshaw

Ilka Handshaw