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Emotional Release/Ancestral clearing class
on Monday, 4/27th, 1-4 p.m. in Livonia, Michigan

The content of this class will be a combination of Releasing emotional patterns w/ess. oils refresher+new info: Ho’Oponopono, the ancient Hawaiian healing prayer/technique+ STT(Spontaneous Transformation Technique – it’s an Inner Child connection + tools to cope w/crisis in our daily life.When looking for answers -“What’s going on, WHY I don’t get what I want?”- we need clarity so Clarity is the key…and Ho’oponopono is one of, if not the most effective clearing tool I know…and I’ve spent my life searching out clearing techniques! Let me guide you through everything you need to know about getting started and using Ho’oponopono in your life!

Must sign by March 10th using the Sliding Scale: pay whatever you can: from $35-$65.(BELOW the Emotional Release Live 3h. class)

You are INVITED to release blocks (including Abundance blocks) so you can move forward and achieve Success!

5-Week Emotional Healing & Release Class – Teleconference 

Enrollment NOW OPEN!
Duration: 5 weeks, 1.5 hrs. per class… by phone from anywhere!
Start Date: Thursday, March 12th, 2020 | 7:00 pm
PRE-REGISTER NOW by calling Ilka at 754-222-6971, by emailing Ilka here.

Learn how to identify and release blocks, limiting beliefs, childhood traumas, and negative thought patterns and energies that affect our nervous system, phsyical and emotional health… so you can live a life of freedom, fulfillment and happiness!

Releasing and shifting those will bring amazing transformation by improving work and family relationships, manifesting goals and abundance with more ease and joy, functioning better in every way, etc.

This transformational training/program is perfect for: 

  • leaders or CEO-s who who want to gain MORE confidence that you can lead your company, conquer your fears of success or failure

  • business owners that are sucessful and want to be even MORE successful

  • any learner or curious person who LOVES to learn new things that can make you even MORE joyful and a positive change for our world!

If we don’t get what we want, it is because there is a limiting belief and/or a pattern on the way. So we’ll deep dive, identify and release any self-destructive limiting beliefs and energetic patterns that keep you stuck and not moving forward. We will go to the core of who you are, beyond “strategies” and “achieving goals” to reach the root cause of your blocks.

I will give you PROVEN TOOLS that well-known Masters used (and I have used) for decades changing so many lives! So you can use those tools FOR LIFE! Forever!

REGISTER NOW by calling Ilka at 754-222-6971.

Limited time only!
SPECIAL PRICING  —  ONLY $200 for 5-Week Class (vs. REG. $350)

Emotional Release – LIVE 3-hr. Class

Duration: 3 hours

Date: TBD

Live Location: Pompano Beach, FL (full address given after registration complete)

Investment: $35-65, sliding scale* based on your budget (*contact Ilka for details)

In this special in-person classroom experience, you will learn how to identify and release blocks and limiting beliefs and change energetic thought patterns so  you  can move ahead in a life of freedom, fulfillment and  happiness! You will dive deep to the core of who you are, beyond “strategies,” “achieving goals” or “business planning.”

This class will harness the power of essential oils (using Young Living – the purest oils) to help you achieve most potent release and clear the slate for a new level of freedom and success in your life. PLEASE NOTE: It is highly recommended (but not required) to get the book Releasing Emotional Patterns with the Essential Oils by Carolyn Mein for use in the class. 

Questions about which option you qualify for? Call Ilka at 754-222-6971 or email her.


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Explore More Classes for Healing & Discovery of Arometherapy/Essential Oils

Introduction to Essential Oils – FREE!

Duration: 1 and 1/2 hours

The basics of the essential oils: what they are, how they are made and how they work to benefit us in our daily lives; the difference between “recreational fragrancing” and therapeutic-grade essential oils.

REGISTER by calling Ilka at 754-222-6971.

Raindrop Technique (class)

Duration: 4–5 hours; fee: $100, including the therapy

This class will educate you on the use of essential oils to release toxins, lessen muscle spasms, help to correct spinal misalignments, and increase immunity. Combine aromatherapy with Vita Flex and massage techniques, bringing structural and electrical whole body alignment! Includes receiving, observing and practicing the therapy.

Purchase one 5-hour class:


Intro to Emotional Release: Remove Blocks to Achieve Success
Duration: 4–5 hours; fee: $100

If there is a gap between what we want in life and what we are getting, it means there is something in the way: blocks or limiting beliefs or subconscious patterns. We work together to identify and release the blocks that keep you stuck; change/shift the thought patterns (your “internal programing”) and then—you take an inspired action. I suggest each student get the book “Releasing Emotional Patterns with the Essential Oils” for use in the class. Must RSVP at least 2 weeks before.



Healing Oils of the Bible
Duration: 3–4 hours; suggested donation $30–$50 (if you want the book Healing Oils of the Bible you must add $20)

Discover the most commonly used ancient oils of the Bible; the sacred art of anointing. We read through some scriptures mentioning oils and pass them around, explaining what they were used for then and now. Very high energy and delightful class! Usually presented around Christmas time. Must RSVP at least 2 weeks before the class.


Super Learning Sunday (available on request)

Scheduled by appointment only.

10–1:00/1:30pm – Raindrop Technique class (including YOU, receiving the therapy)
1 or 1/2 hour lunch break
2–5:00pm – Emotional Release/Ancestral Clearing class. I use CARE’s system (Center for Aromatherapy Research and Education), but also incorporate knowledge learned from other masters throughout my life.

Must REGISTER by calling Ilka at 754-222-6971.

Individual Consultations

You are a unique individual, so you have your own unique needs. You might be struggling with physical pain, insomnia, low energy, or want to manage your weight better. Or, if you haven’t been able to reach your goals and dreams in life and move forward with ease, that means something is in the way which must be released! I’ve been helping people do that for the last 20 years and now, I’d like to help YOU do that, too!

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Questions? Call Ilka at 754-222-6971 or contact here.